The Chant: spiritual horror game launches on video

PrimeMatterthe label of PLAIONand Brass Token launch today The Chant, a psychological horror game taking us to an isolated islandwhile a sect new-age awakens evil forces following a failed ritual. The title is available today, place to the launch trailer:

The Song so follow I sswho decides to go on a spiritual retreat on theisle of glory, but it won’t be easy. She will have to face nightmarish creatures with a spiritual combat system allowing you to collect objects and make weapons such as sage sticks and essential oils. The player will have to choose between facing these monsters or fleeing, resources being scarce, and above all he will have to manage his negative emotions, which strengthen the creatures.

The Chant is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, with a Limited edition adding the original soundtrack, a art bookan outfit for I ss and a filter 70s. You can find this version at €39.99 on Amazon.

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