The chaos weekend at the train station begins – this is how travelers now arrive at their destination

The German train drivers’ union is on strike. Train traffic is to be paralyzed between August 21st and August 25th. First the movement of goods, from Monday rail customers will also be affected.

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Strike takes effect for customers as early as Sunday

The first trains could be withdrawn from service on Sunday afternoon and routes could be canceled entirely. Therefore, travelers should always pay attention to the current Deutsche Bahn timetable and loudspeaker announcements on the train and at the station.

Why are trains withdrawn from service earlier? Work schedules are reassigned so that train drivers can come to the end of the working day in time for the strike. This ensures premature failures.

Travelers should know that delays are no longer taken into account in the train schedule on Sunday evening. This is intended to maintain train traffic and minimize damage to customers. If a train arrives late at the station, the connecting train does not wait there for travelers who want to get on. So there is no point in letting the inspector know.

Only use Deutsche Bahn apps shortly before and during the strike. Including the DB Navigator (the download is available here) or the page ““. Reason? The strike led to abrupt changes in the timetable. Other programs such as Google Maps cannot reflect these surprising changes up-to-date.

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the Deutsche Bahn is also drawing up replacement timetables because of the strike that has been announced. These should be on the Website of the railway to be published.

You should now take this into account in the timetable

Set off on Sunday morning at the latest and make sure that you do not plan to change trains in the evening. Pay attention to long transfer times of at least 60 minutes on Sunday so as not to miss the connecting train if you are delayed. If you travel on Sunday evening, the following applies: Ride on trains that will take you to your destination without changing.

From Sunday evening you can also change to trains that will bring you to your destination quickly and without delay. The prerequisite is that there are delays on the original route.

Until when can I use my booked tickets?

If your chosen train was delayed by more than 60 minutes due to the strike or even canceled completely, the statutory passenger rights apply. In this case, you can apply for compensation. Incidentally, this also applies when the strike is long over.

If you bought your ticket online via your customer account with Deutsche Bahn, you can submit your claims directly using the online application in your customer account. This is possible both on and in the “DB Navigator” app.

All tickets already booked for routes that are affected by the GDL strike from August 23rd to August 25th will remain valid and every affected rail customer can probably use the tickets flexibly up to and including the end of August.

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