the chapter leaked, with a huge big surprise

After four months of scarcity, fans are preparing to discover chapter 374 of Berserk. In fact, some stolen images are already lying around on the Web, revealing a nice surprise in advance.

It has already been two years since Kentarō Miura left behind a horde of grieving fans. Despite the sudden disappearance of its author, the Berserk manga continues at a choppy pace under the supervision of Kouji Mori, the mangaka’s childhood friend and the only person he shared the outcome of the story. After four months of waiting, chapter 374 is about to open a whole new arc. Before its official release on September 22, 2023, a few pages have already leaked, revealing the return of a character well known to fans.

A little clarification is necessary: ​​this article will openly talk about spoilers for chapter 374 of Berserk. You have been warned.

Leaks for chapter 374 of Berserk

Berserk Chapter 374 reveals itself in advance. The most assiduous readers left Guts and his gang on a rather dark note, so characteristic of the series. With the Fantasia arc over, fans were hoping for a little glimmer of hope and they might just get what they’re asking for. Some images from the 22 pages that will make up this chapter have indeed found their way onto the Web and they reveal the return of a particularly popular character: Rickert. Yes, the former member of the Falcons Brigade will finally return to the forefront after years of absence. The former young shoot of the troop now seems to have joined the ranks of the Kushans, the empire formerly ruled by Ganishka, who does not look favorably on Griffith and his influence.

Precisely, the soldiers of Kushan will go directly to meet Guts, whom they will find in bad shape and surround. For what ? How ? The mystery should remain intact until the official release of chapter 374 of Berserk. Fans all have their own theories and agree that Guts and the Kushans could well find common ground given their common enemy. Some think that an arc focused around training linked to Daiba’s magic could be part of the future chapters. But it’s Rickert who monopolizes all the attention. His last appearance dates back to chapter 341 after having slapped the biggest villain of the manga before setting his course. It remains to be seen how his reunion with Guts will go, but we will certainly have to wait a few more months.

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