“The Children of TV”: the incredible anecdote of Guillaume Labbé on the calendar of the Gods of the stadium: Current Woman The MAG

Headlining the next series of France 2, baptized The School of Life, the actor Guillaume Labbé was present on the set of the show Children of TV, presented on April 18, 2021 by Laurent Ruquier. Former professional rugby player, the actor notably participated in the famous calendar of the Gods of the stadium. While viewers had the opportunity to discover the making-of of his participation in this calendar, which features completely or partially naked professional rugby players, Guillaume Labbé unveiled an incredible anecdote behind the scenes of this event.

“I did it two years. On the first calendar, there was an article (in the contract editor’s note) which said that we could not see the sex of the player, “ started the one who played in the series I promise you sure TF1. “On the 2nd year, the article was no longer there. So, I do not sign and I say that we must return the article where we do not see my penis, “ added the actor, who finally received the making-of of the calendar two days before its release. I look on my computer and we see a good part (of her sex editor’s note). It’s not huge either, but you can still see a lot of it, “ Guillaume Labbé revealed.

Guillaume Labbé: “They did a blank operation on all the DVDs”

“We will say that we can see 15 centimeters on the whole,” then launched Laurent Ruquier, provoking the hilarity of the guests present on the set such as Lola Dubini and Gérard Jugnot. After another humorous intervention from the one who knocked out the last ceremony of Caesar, Guillaume Labbé continued his anecdote. “At the time, I called Max Guazzini (president of Stade Français, editor’s note). I was 18/19 years old and I said to myself that ‘it’s atrocious what is happening’. He broke all the DVDs that were going out. He had everything destroyed, “ revealed the actor before explaining the reasons for this gesture. “I was checked at his home on his television, we could not see (his sex editor’s note), while on the computer you could see it because it was a little wider. They hadn’t checked that. They did a blank operation on all DVDs, “ unveiled the former rugby player, while specifying that “no one ever knew”.

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