"The Children of TV": this guest does not know Henri Salvador, uneasiness on the set: Current Woman The MAG

With almost 80 million views on YouTube for her music video, Anissa, Wejdene is one of the revelations of the year 2020. During the first confinement, the young singer, then aged sixteen, conquered the web by becoming a phenomenon on the TikTok application. Released on Wednesday May 27, 2020, his title allowed him to win his very first platinum record. The young woman knew the consecration when she was named in two of the categories of the NRJ Music Awards: francophone revelation, and female artist of the year. However, if success is at the rendezvous for Wejdene, she would have dreamed of being able to participate in a show such as The Voice, a real springboard for many artists: "I always sang and when I watched The Voice, I dreamed of being there. But beware, I have dreams that don't last long, sometimes a week and then I move on. I sang all the time in my room but I was ashamed. Then I got on the networks but I didn't want to be known … I just wanted the locals to know", she confided to our colleagues from Parisian.

Wejdene facing Laurent Ruquier

A few months later, Wejdene toured the TV sets to present his first album, soberly titled 16, a reference to his age. Sunday February 21, 2021, the young singer was the guest of Laurent Ruquier in his show, The Children of TV. If the host noted the age difference between the young woman and her guests of the day, including Philippe Maneuver, Eric Antoine or Jean-Luc Lemoine, the singer seemed rather comfortable. Rather frank, she did not hide her few spelling gaps which notably contributed to her success. She also did not seek to deny her lack of musical culture. Thus, when Laurent Ruquier cited several great names in music to him, present in the new work by Philippe Maneuver, Wejdene assumed not to know David Bowie or Bob Dylan. A confession made under the wide eyes of Eric Antoine. A little earlier, the singer confessed to never having heard the name of another giant of the song. He is a French author and performer: Henri Salvador. The young singer even believed he was a footballer! Indulgent and rather pedagogue, Laurent Ruquier taught him that he was the singer who was hiding behind the title that rocked the childhood of millions of French people, A sweet song

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