The cinema releases of May 18: I love what you do, Junk Head, Evolution…

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I love what you do by Philippe Guillard

With Gerard Lanvin, Artus, Antoine Bertrand…

What is it about ? As Gérard Lanvin prepares to shoot one of the most important films of his career in the south of France, his path crosses that of Momo Zapareto… To his greatest regret. Because Momo is a fan, very fan, too fan! For Gérard, the nightmare has only just begun…

Did you know ? Philippe Guillard directed Gérard Lanvin in Le Fils à Jo (2011) and Papi-Sitter (2020). In addition, the director worked on the scripts for the comedies 3 Zeros (2002) and Camping (2006), in which the actor played.

Junk Head by Takahide Hori

With Takahide Hori, Yuji Sugiyama, Atsuko Miyake…

What is it about ? In the distant future, humanity has managed to achieve near immortality. However, it has lost the ability to reproduce and is heading towards extinction. In order to investigate the secrets of procreation, a man is sent to the depths of the earth, where rebellious mutant clones live…

Did you know ? Junk Head is a stop-motion film directed by Takahide Hori for seven years. On his own, he produced the sets, the characters and more than 140,000 shots. “With my limited experience, I did not claim to tell a serious story, so I tried a more playful approach, playing with the constraints imposed by the technique”explains the director.

Evolution of Kornél Mundruczó

With Lili Monori, Annamaria Lang, Goya Rego…

What is it about ? From a fantasized memory of the Second World War to contemporary Berlin, Evolution follows three generations of a family marked by history. The pain of Eva, the miraculous child of the camps, is transmitted to her daughter Lena, then to her grandson, Jonas.

Did you know ? The film was presented in a special screening under the Cannes Première label at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Detective Conan: The Bride of Shibuya by Susumu Mitsunaka Tokyo

What is it about ? The Shibuya district is in full swing for Halloween. Detective Sato is in a wedding dress in front of an audience of guests, including Conan of course! Suddenly, an assailant bursts into the room and Detective Takagi is injured while trying to protect Sato.

Did you know ? Detective Conan: Bride of Shibuya is the 25th film in the Detective Conan franchise.

Flee me I follow you by Kôji Fukada

With Win Morisaki, Kaho Tsuchimura, Shosei Uno…

What is it about ? Tsuji decided to forget about Ukiyo permanently and get engaged to his office mate. Ukiyo, on the other hand, does not get rid of the memory of Tsuji… but this time, it is him who has disappeared.

Did you know ? Follow me I flee you forms a diptych with Flee me I follow you. The first settles around the life of a man, his gaze on women, his masculine prism, and the second responds to it by reversing things.

Memento Mori by Jean Heches

With Philippe Larcher, Ruby Minard, Sylvain Urban…

What is it about ? Since his release from prison where he spent 21 years, PHILIPPE has been begging at Wagesberg station. When ANNA, a young activist on the run, asks him to take her in, her well-ordered daily life will be turned upside down by the echoes of her past.

Did you know ? Originally from a working-class family in Lorraine, Philippe Larcher experienced the streets from the age of 16. At the age of twenty, in a precarious situation and under the influence of alcohol, he commits a triple homicide on drinking comrades. The reasons remain obscure and Philippe is sentenced to 30 years in prison. He spent 21 years in Central, often in solitary confinement.

Van Gogh In Love by Jean-Luc Ayach

With Frederic Diefenthal, Hande Kodja, Steve Driesen…

What is it about ? Léo, a contemporary artist, wants to reconnect with Élise, his former companion, but Vincent Van Gogh, who has returned to our time, has fallen in love with her. A surreal love triangle takes shape and artistic issues appear in the background.

Did you know ? With Van Gogh In Love, Frédéric Diefenthal plays an artist for the first time. Jean-Luc Ayach explains why he chose the actor: “I wanted this film not to be stamped purely “art and essay” which could have been the case with another actor. Moreover, I like what Frédéric brings out, he is an excellent actor who is popular, who has charm and elegance.”

İnan Altın District

With Melek Tanker, İzzet Başlak, Serdar Orçin…

What is it about ? “Le Quartier” takes place today in a suburb of Istanbul which is becoming precarious as the value of real estate increases. A flowery district, covered with trees and gardens, one side of which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and the other side of skyscrapers with dazzling reflections.

Brother and sister of Arnaud Desplechin (May 20)

With Marion Cotillard, Melvil Poupaud, Patrick Timsit…

What is it about ? A brother and a sister on the verge of fifty… Alice is an actress, Louis was a teacher and a poet. Alice has hated her brother for over twenty years. They haven’t seen each other for all this time… The brother and sister will meet again when their parents die.

Did you know ? With this film, Arnaud Desplechin tried to answer the following question: is there an end to hatred, “this other face of love? How can the hatred dry up?” He specifies : “My concern with this story, for me being born a Catholic, was finding a way out of the hate that wasn’t Christian. How to find in terms of cinema, something that wasn’t cutesy.”

Don Juan by Serge Bozon (May 23)

With Tahar Rahim, Virginie Efira, Alain Chamfort…

What is it about ? In 2022, Don Juan is no longer the man who seduces all women, but a man obsessed with a single woman: the one who abandoned him…

Did you know ? Serge Bozon wanted to get out of the register of genre films: La France (2007) had a relationship to a war film, Madame Hyde (2018) to a fantasy film and Tip Top (2013) to a detective film: “This time, I wanted to do something more emotional by just telling a love story, which I had never done”says the director.

The Squirrel Who Saw Everything in Green by Behzad Farahat, Nahid Shamsdoust

What is it about ? As the days go by, a funny little solitary squirrel wanders around and discovers his true nature. In the heart of the forest, an elephant tired from a long journey falls asleep on flowers. The disgruntled bees try to wake him up, meanwhile another squirrel will arouse the curiosity and anger of the other animals when he takes over a house that is not his.

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