the cities where prices fall the most in 2023

A tilt? “Since the end of 2022, all market segments have tipped into the red,” says the Best Agents platform in its March barometer published on Wednesday. “The prize for the biggest drop goes to Lyon and Nantes”, where sales prices fell by 2% in just 2 months.

The real estate market is “struggling to come out of winter”, regrets the online real estate valuation platform Meilleurs Agents, at the time of unveiling its monthly price barometer. ” Since the end of 2022, all market segments have fallen into the red, a phenomenon that we had not observed since 2014. If the capital remains unsurprisingly on a downward trend (-0.4% over the past month), this is now the case for all the municipalities of the Top 10 (-0.4%) as well as those of the Top 50 (-0.1%). »

Prices are falling in all the major cities (with the notable exception of Nice, where they rose by 0.7% over the month of February) but, new for 2023: “The rural areas which, since the coronavirus epidemic, played the role of locomotive of the market, continue to see their prices fall (-0.4%). »

Changes over two months, from January 1 to March 1, 2023are even more notable: -0.8% in Paris, -0.7% in the 10 largest cities in France-0.2% in the “top 50” of French cities, and -0.7% in rural areas. Since the beginning of the year 2023, “the palm of the biggest drop goes to Lyons And Nantes which both saw their prices fall by -1% during the month of February and by more than -2% since the beginning of the year. »

Top 10 French cities: 8 averages down in February

  1. Lyon (€5,203 per m2): -1% in February 2023
  2. Nantes (€4,164 per m2): -1%
  3. Lille (€3,433 per m2): -0.7%
  4. Montpellier (€3,669 per m2): -0.6%
  5. Marseilles (€3,979 per m2): -0.4%
  6. Strasbourg (€4,042 per m2): -0.3%
  7. Rennes (€4,273 per m2): -0.2%
  8. Toulouse (€3,856 per m2): -0.2%
  9. Bordeaux (€4,972 per m2): 0%
  10. Nice (€5,136 per m2): +0.7%

Note: Paris (€10,154 per m2, -0.4%) is a special case, and is therefore not part of the “top 10” index of Best Agents.

Real estate credit conditions, with very sharply rising rates, obviously favor this downward price trend: “In France, the volume of real estate loans could quickly return to its pre-2016 level”, judges this estimation platform. of price. “If this were the case, this would weigh on the number of transactions this year, which will drop below one million. »

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“The only ray of sunshine in this context”, according to Meilleurs Agents: “ Selling times are getting shorter in the main French cities. Since November, it takes on average one week less to finalize a transaction including four days gained during the month of February alone. »

(1) The Best Agents barometer (property price indices, IPI) is based not on posted prices but on sales prices. The real estate platform claims to be based on “the historical transactions recorded by the BIEN database of Notaries of Paris / Ile-de-France, the transactions communicated by the 11,000 real estate agencies present on the platform (they cover on average more than 30% national real estate transactions, including in rural areas), the real estate ads on the platform restated because they are marketing prices and not selling prices, socio-demographic data, the database of Land Value Requests ( DVF)”.

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