the CLCV wants an emergency extension of the energy check

The CLCV, a consumer defense association, on Thursday demanded aid measures for households facing soaring collective heating expenses, saying they are forgotten by government measures in the face of the general rise in energy prices.

The regulated gas sales tariff no longer applies since 2016 for professional contracts or collective heating and the measures taken by the government in October to temporarily freeze the price of gas therefore do not concern the collective heating of buildings, underlines the association in a press release.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a tariff shield at the end of September, including a blocking of the regulated gas tariff, whose prices soared on the markets. The CLCV highlights the omissions of government measures, citing the case of tenants of a social landlord in Puy-de-Dme fed by a collective gas boiler. Their heating provisions have jumped 65% over one year, representing nearly 800 euros per year to pay for a tenant of an F4, for a family of four.

Emergency extension of the energy check

The CLCV urgently calls for the extension of the energy check to all those concerned by the inflation bonus and its revaluation. The energy check currently only targets some 6 million low-income households, while the inflation allowance of 100 euros is much broader, since it concerns 38 million people.

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It is essential to review the ridiculous flat rate charges included in the calculation of the APL (personalized housing assistance) which is totally disconnected from reality, pleads the association.

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