The closure of high schools planned by the government

This Thursday, November 12, Prime Minister Jean Castex will take stock of the progress of the pandemic as well as the containment.

Two weeks after the new lockdown, the government is considering more restrictive measures such as closing high schools to stem the Covid-19 epidemic. This Thursday, November 12, Prime Minister Jean Castex will speak at a press conference at 6 p.m.

Among the hypotheses, the closure of high schools until the Christmas holidays could be considered. High school students would therefore switch 100% to distance learning. In addition, for colleges, the health protocol will also be tightened as in high schools. This measure would intervene following the strike movement demanding a limitation of the mixing of students.

Three scenarios considered

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal mentioned three possible avenues on Tuesday, November 10. "Either a maintenance of the rules as we know them today, or a possible hardening of the rules on certain points if it turns out to be necessary, or a possible relaxation of the rules on certain points if that turns out to be possible". "But we must be clear and transparent: today it seems very early to propose a relaxation of the rules that have been set ", he said, pointing to the fact that "the epidemic continues to gain ground", with a reproduction rate of the virus "always above 1"and "an" extremely difficult "situation in the hospital.

So far, a dozen European countries have chosen to close high schools, a solution that can therefore be widely favored by the government.

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