The club bosses in talk – last party weekend before the corona lockdown

The bass sounds one last time. Some clubs have already closed, others await the party night of the year. “Die Krone” spoke to club owners.

One more thing: celebrate one last time before the lockdown. “Thanks to 2G-Plus, our club is one of the safest places you can currently visit in Austria. Safer than in the subway, in retail or at work. The pre-sale tickets are all sold out, ”reports Gerald van der Hint, who organizes clubbing in Vienna’s trendy club Grelle Forelle. The fact that other discos have already closed doesn’t make the situation any better. “Celebrating people would only be pushed back into the private sector,” was the unanimous tenor among Vienna’s club operators. “In the current situation, a lockdown is the only sensible solution,” he says. He is sure that the clubs will be closed for more than 20 days. The big problem is that you lose employees with every day that is closed. “We now need clear announcements so that the night restaurateurs are given a perspective,” said Ratzenberger. “People are afraid” In other clubs where the dance floor has been swept empty for weeks, one is almost happy about a lockdown. “People are afraid and that’s justified,” says Stefan Stürzer, the club owner at the plant. He still opens on Friday, but does not expect a mega party. He also criticizes the long wait for financial aid. Franz Aibler from the Kaktus Bar on Schwedenplatz also supports the lockdown, even if it comes too late. “I also have to think about protecting my employees,” he says.
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