the colossal DLC has a release date and a huge surprise!

Elden Ring has finally revealed its big DLC ​​Shadow of the World Tree in addition to finally giving us the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, we finally have an official release date!

GOTY 2022 is not dead yet! Elden Ring has not said its last word and will return to the forefront soon with its very first DLC, the shadow of the World Tree. After months of rumors, FromSoftware has raised the temperature (if that’s true) by announcing the imminent arrival of new information. And here we are, the Elden Ring DLC ​​has finally shown up to wow us.

The Elden Ring DLC ​​is finally showing up with a bonus release date!

The best-selling souls-like of all time will be talked about again soon. As revealed by this morning’s leak, the big Elden Ring DLC ​​finally has a release date and will land on consoles and PC from June 21, 2024.
On the program, new regions to explore and new enemies to fight. A few bosses have already leaked and it still looks pretty tough. In any case, if there is something that does not disappoint, it is the artistic direction which looks as sublime as ever, not to mention the bestiary! Of course, the demands will always be there and you will sweat blood and water to get through it, but that’s what we’re here for, right?

This new video also reveals that several versions of the game will be available. If the DLC will certainly be sold alone, Elden Ring will also be entitled to a Deluxe Edition which will include the base game and the DLC as well as a new absolutely sublime collector’s edition with a 40-page artbook and a 46 cm statuette. one of the antagonists. Magnificent, but the collector’s item still costs no less than €250. Be careful though, the base game is NOT included in the collector’s item, yes it’s a shame!

You will of course have to expect many surprises and well-buried secrets. FromSoftware excels in the field and that certainly shouldn’t change with the arrival of this imposing DLC. As a reminder, Elden Ring is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, are DLC The Shadow of the World Tree will follow in its footsteps from June 21, 2024 .

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