The Comey Rule: New mini-series on the real political thriller about Donald Trump


With "The Comey Rule" a miniseries comes to Germany, the script of which could easily have been written by John Grisham.

What to do when the political reality is wackier than a movie or series could ever be? Scriptwriters would have to put up with the question of what they actually do for a living if they were to sit in the White House with a caricature of a power man like the one who was really voted the most powerful man in the world in 2016. A year later, Donald Trump (74) was unexpectedly still in office and Twitter dignity and fired FBI chief James B. Comey (59) in 2017 after four years at the helm of the US domestic intelligence service.

Fortunately, fans will notice haunting political thrillers in 2020. Because from his clinch with Trump Comey first created the bestseller "Greater than Office", which has since been filmed as a four-part miniseries by "Captain Philipps" director Billy Ray (57). From November 2nd, just in time for the election of the new US President on the following day, all four episodes of "The Comey Rule" will be available in Germany either from 8:15 pm on Sky Atlantic or on demand via Sky Ticket and Sky Q. to see.

The most powerful puppet in the world? It's all about this

During the extremely dirty election campaign of Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton (73), allegations were made that employees of the current US president had cooperated with the Russian secret service. The opponent was deliberately harmed, which could ultimately have cost Clinton the victory – and possibly expanded the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin (68) right into the heart of the White House. The first two episodes of "The Comey Rule" are devoted to the most burning questions about these events.

The second half of the miniseries deals with the consequences of the outcome of the 2016 election, which is still difficult to grasp (to this day). With Trump and Comey, two different and influential personalities who each expressed their own opinion came together Truth be. On May 9, 2017, Trump finally dismissed the FBI chief who, despite repeated Twitter threats from "POTUS", did not want to close the investigation into Russia.

The faces of the series

Some people will associate the name Jeff Daniels (65) with slapstick films. But even in the HBO series "The Newsroom", for which Daniels received an Emmy in 2013 for best leading actor in a drama series, he demonstrated talent outside of comedy. He plays the eponymous FBI boss James B. Comey in "The Comey Rule".

Speaking of comedy: Alec Baldwin (62) has already slipped into the orange-tinged skin of the US President several times for the satire show "Saturday Night Live". For "The Comey Rule", however, another character actor picks up his lips: The Irish Brendan Gleeson (65), who has already proven his impressive versatility from "Braveheart" to "Harry Potter" to "Bruges … and die" posed, mimes in the miniseries Donald Trump.

Daniels and Gleeson are supported by the who's who of the series subject. For example Michael Kelly (51), who as an important figure in all five "House of Cards" seasons has long felt at home in the dirty political thriller swamp. There are also "Breaking Bad" star Jonathan Banks (73), "Taboo" actress (and Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter) Oona Chaplin (34) and "Halt And Catch Fire" size Scoot McNairy (42). Holly Hunter (62) also plays a key role. She plays the US lawyer Sally Yates (60), who suffered a similar fate as Comey – and was dismissed by Trump as Attorney General in 2017.

Pass the time until the election result

Anyone who wants to accompany the real political circus around the election of the 46th President of the United States of America with fictional power games can do so via Sky from November 2nd to 8th. Then, as part of the duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden (77), series such as "Veep – The Vice President", "House of Cards", "The Loudest Voice" or "The Newsroom" will be offered for the binge marathon. Various documentaries on the subject will then celebrate their German premiere.