The “Coming out” podcast continues its momentum in a season 2

What do Aloïse Sauvage, Eddy de Pretto, Xavier Dolan, Fatima Daas or Bilal Hassani share? Their “coming out of the closet” and the story they tell about it in the “Coming out” podcast, created by Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani. “We are in 2021, and coming out is still a subject for many. We have created a format that is intended to be useful for understanding what is going on in the minds of those who still have to justify themselves for loving or being ”, explain the twenties. “After the first season, we had a lot of positive feedback. Many have told us that they dared to take the plunge after listening to one of the episodes. “

Lesbian, gay, bi, drag or trans, the thirty or so guests of “Coming out” have taken this decisive step in self-acceptance: at the microphone of the two young women, they tell about their sexual awakening, their lesbian or gay loves. far from the family shackles, in a society that they consider “heteronormous and gendered”.

“I thought for a while that maybe I was in the wrong body. I am a boy, I like to wear makeup, there is no problem with that. I don’t have anything more, nor less. I am just me ! “, says Fabian CRFX, 2 million subscribers on TikTok for his makeup worthy of the pros. But, despite a warm welcome from his family, “Admitting that you are gay remains an ordeal”, he agrees.

A father who leaves La Manif for all

“Within my family, the announcement of my transsexuality has cleaned up all our relationships, it was also the moment for them to redeem themselves”, says Inès Rau, model and first playmate transgender to make the cover of the magazine Playboy. For the young singer-songwriter Pomme, “My brain was heading towards the asexuality option rather than opening up to the option of being a lesbian because, socially, it didn’t. Suddenly, my coming out was above all to fall in love with a girl and not to sabotage everything ”.

Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani also gave voice to parents of “coming out”, like Jean-Jacques, a traditionalist father who left the ranks of La Manif pour tous. “I had blinders for a very long time concerning the homosexuality of my son”, recognizes this fulfilled grandfather. “It’s a blessing this kid, he says of his grandson born by surrogacy (surrogacy). All this is no longer a problem for me today. For me, this is ancient history. “

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