the comments moved under his video with Matt Pokora

“She’s everyone’s girl except Seb”, while Lena Mahfouf aka Lena Situations on the networks received the singer Matt Pokora in her podcast Canapé Six Places, the influencer and content creator posted a video on her Instagram account in which she dances with her guest. A publication which has once again been the target of distressing and sexist comments. We sigh loudly…

At only 26 years old, influencer and businesswoman Lena Mahfouf has no longer proven anything to anyone. While the content creator published a new episode of her podcast Six Seater Sofa this January 17, 2024 in which she interviews singer Matt Pokora, the young woman decided to celebrate their excellent results (they reached first place in the Spotify ranking) by posting a video on her Instagram account two days ago.

A publication in which she expresses her contentment with a little note: “Mood, because our episode of “Canapé 6 Places” with Matt Pokora is number one in the Spotify rankings. So it’s beautiful, but what I especially like is that every Wednesday we share a conversation of about an hour alone or with guests. Personalities that you like or not, that you know or not. Sometimes I feel like we start the conversation with a celebrity and end it with one. e friend. e. thank you for everything “, but also with a video where we see her dancing with the singer smiling on her lips in which she performs a little twerk lasting a few seconds.

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The distressing and sexist comments of certain Internet users

Influencer Lena Mahfouf is unfortunately used to this kind of situation. An outing or publication without sexist or even misogynistic remarks from certain Internet users is very rare. This publication from January 20 is proof of that! She once again had to face remarks, each more distressing than the last. Indeed, certain Internet users, mostly male, did not fail to criticize the young woman in the comments of her post, but also on the social network X (formerly Twitter). They believe that the influencer should have refrained from dancing with Matt Pokora out of respect for her boyfriend, YouTuber Seb la fritte.

“Seb in sweats lol”, “He’s everyone’s girl except Seb”, “Strength @seblafrite”, “Seb we have to do something my friend” can we read under the publication before these comments gain momentum on X with tweets that have nothing to do on the web: “Seb must really have a crazy mind» writes one while another adds: “a girl in a relationship swinging her hips next to another guy, it’s like she’s cheating on her boyfriend.» Sexist remarks that the young woman must once again face by suffering a backward vision of the male/female relationship and which is constantly brought back to her partner and not to the young, talented 26-year-old woman that she is!

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Tired of the comments, Lena reacts again with class

Once again, this type of sexist comment attempts to make Lena Mahfouf’s breathtaking career invisible by reducing her only to a man to whom she belongs. Reactions which, however, are not the same when it comes to a man, for example when his partner, Seb the fry, participated in a video by the YouTuber Squeezie “the worst date» which consists of seducing women during fake dates. It was also in the November 2023 issue of GQ that Lena Situation explained that she was used to this kind of judgment and reactions, which is why she wanted to keep her relationship with Seb secret as long as possible: “I wanted to avoid what often happens on social networks, when a girl is in a relationship with someone who is also in the media. (…) When your relationship is publicized, you quickly become “the girlfriend of…”, “the wife of…” or “the sweetheart of…”. I wanted to avoid that. For six months, we remained hidden. It was really nice.» She explains.

Fortunately, a large majority of the young woman’s subscribers have come to her defense in the face of the repeated controversies which surround each of the influencer’s actions: “Lena Situations when she has the misfortune to move a finger, she has all the misogynistic tweeters after her »can we read onWhatever anyone says, Lena Situations is an important influencer because every time she breathes, it shows how much you don’t like women“, but also : “Ptdrrrr, but Lena, poor girl, every 4 mornings you get a sauce for absolutely no reason! I had to watch over and over again, I still don’t understand where the problem is 🤡 it’s really disturbing to see a young, racialized, influential, beautiful, rich, entrepreneurial woman with power, being put forward and being happy! The queens are with you, the haters really only attract the negative towards them“.

The influencer, for her part, reacted with class as usual, if she initially posted a photo of herself from behind in a magnificent red dress in front of a castle with the only caption “OK, kiss“, she then posted a story in which she only wrote on a black background: “imagine how TIRED we are” in French “imagine how TIRED we are“.

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