the communist deputies want a referendum

Communist MPs intend to table a motion with the leftist alliance Nupes in the Assembly which, if adopted, would pave the way for a referendum on pension reform, they announced on Tuesday.

These parliamentarians had initiated the same approach in February 2020 against the previous aborted pension reform project. But their motion was then rejected by the Assembly.

Within Parliament, I don’t see who can oppose the expression of popular sovereignty today, one of the spokespersons for the PCF deputies, Sbastien Jumel, told the press.

A little later Mr. Jumel challenged the government in the Chamber to enjoin it to follow this path.

The debate has already been carried out during the presidential election, replied the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, considering that Emmanuel Macron had assumed a political risk by raising the question during the campaign.

Today’s National Assembly is no longer the Playmobil weapon of yesterday, retorted Mr. Jumel: we have the political conditions to consult the French people.

To table such a motion, it requires the signature of at least 58 deputies, which will be easy left. And, with the other opposition groups, the discussion begins, indicated his colleague Pierre Dharrville.

The national secretary of the PCF Fabien Roussel wished last week that the French would be consulted by referendum on the pension reform. LFI deputy Franois Ruffin also voted on Sunday for a referendum, believing that the mandate at stake is that of the President of the Republic.

According to Mr. Jumel, we are in a context that could not be more anxious and the President of the Republic, in an extreme solitude of power, persists in his bad project of pension reform. And he wields the nuclear weapon of dissolution, as if it were likely to paralyze the opposition.

The communist group has thought of a way to demonstrate that Parliament was not in the obstruction but was playing its role as a spokesperson for the French refusing this reform, this deputy from Seine-Maritime further explained.

The motion would be put to a vote at the start of consideration of the bill.

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During a joint press conference of the majority, the president of the MoDem group Jean-Paul Mattei declared that he did not see a referendum on such a complex question.

The referendum is often a somewhat binary answer: yes – no. We intend to play our role as full parliamentarians, he argued.

Government spokesman Olivier Vran in turn reacted to the press, the outcome of questions to the government. After the presidential and legislative elections, there is no need for new elections or a new referendum. We will not agree with the Communists on the need to reform pensions.

The executive has decided to temporize on this reform, a major focus of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election campaign, by reopening a cycle of consultations for the adoption of a bill before the end of winter, while part of the majority, including the president of the MoDem Franois Bayrou, opposed a rapid reform via an amendment to the budget of the Scu.

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