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Charged for the rape of four women, the case of the Islamologist Tariq Ramadan was recently clarified by a psychiatric expert.

The examining magistrates, who have charged the Swiss Islamologist for the rapes of four women, sought the opinion of a psychiatrist, Doctor Daniel Zagury, to determine whether or not Tariq Ramadan had "a psychological hold" on his accusers. These famous conclusions were examined Monday, May 18 by AFP. If this dimension of control has been strongly contested by the defense, after two years of investigation, the psychiatric conclusions bring a new point of view to the case. Dr. Daniel Zagury believes that two of the main complainants, Henda Ayari and a woman nicknamed "Christelle", were indeed in the grip of Tariq Ramadan. So he defined their relationship as "a grip relationship".

As a reminder, Henda Ayari and Christelle denounce having suffered sexual violence by Tariq Ramadan respectively in 2012 and 2009.

The importance of psychiatric expertise

If the opinion of a psychiatrist has been discussed for a long time in this case, consenting to it could prove to be a real turning point. Doctor Daniel Zagury claims that Henda Ayari was in control, which explains the sexual relations with Tariq Ramadan. He often distinguishes Christelle's case from the latter, claiming that Christelle was "partly under control". So what is the notion of grip? The psychiatrist explains to Figaro : "It is a set of mechanisms which allow a psyche to exercise all power over another psyche, for its sole benefit and without consideration of the desire of the other"

In addition, the psychiatric report by Daniel Zagury mentions "forced sexual practices" and states that none of the women consented to these extremely violent sexual acts. He thus paints a portrait of women fascinated by Tariq Ramadan, describing a "massive idealization for a person known, respected and admired"

"This expertise characterizes the grip established by Tariq Ramadan”

Counsel for the accusers welcomed the consideration of Dr. Daniel Zagury's findings. Maître Eric Morain, lawyer for Christelle, reacted to the report to justice: "This is a masterful, scientific and relentless demonstration which corroborates what the file has been saying for two and a half years now and which explains the charges brought by the complainants"

For Henda Ayari's lawyer, this analysis by Doctor Daniel Zagury constitutes the definition of rape from a criminal point of view: "This expertise characterizes the grip established by Tariq Ramadan"

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