the components would represent only 35% of the total price of the watch

The firm CounterPoint Research has established the total cost of the components of the Google Pixel Watch. It would be estimated at 123 dollars, or only 35% of the selling price of the connected watch.

The Google Pixel Watch for illustration // Source: ChloƩ Pertuis for Frandroid

Launched last October, the very first connected watch from Google, the Pixel Watch, was able to mark with its particularly minimalist appearance. However, with a price of 379 euros, the watch had difficulty convincing, in particular because of its particularly limited autonomy.

However, we now learn that the watch would cost much less to design. As reported by the site 9to5Google, the CounterPoint Research Institute was able to estimate the manufacturing cost of the Google Pixel Watch by adding the price of all the components of the watch. According to the analysis firm, the watch would cost 123 dollars – or 116 euros – to assemble, taking into account only the price of the various elements – often abbreviated by ” bill of materials “, either ” component cost ” in French.

In detail, the most expensive component of the Google Pixel Watch would be the processor and the memory, which alone would represent almost 27% of the total price of the components of the watch. Remember, however, that Google used an Exynos 9110 chip here, dated 2018 and already used for Samsung’s first Galaxy Watch.

The second most important billing line would come down to the display of the watch. It must be said that it has an OLED screen of 450 x 450 pixels 1.2 inches in diameter. Above all, this display is protected by a curved glass slab, which necessarily increases the price of the watch. The third most expensive element would finally be the design of the case, its treatment against immersion and thermal protection. These protections would represent almost 15% of the cost of the Pixel Watch.

The battery would represent only 6% of the total price of the components, the various sensors 8%, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity 5% and the printed circuit 7%.

Components whose cost does not represent the total price of the watch

Remember, however, that the components obviously do not represent the entire total cost of the watch for Google. The firm must also bear the costs of marketing, distribution, assembly or research and development.

Two years ago, CounterPoint Research had tried the same exercise with the Apple Watch Series 6. The institute had then determined a total cost of the materials of the Apple watch at 136 dollars, or 34% of the price of sale of the connected watch when it is released. For comparison, the estimate made for the Google Pixel Watch indicates that the price of the components would represent 35% of the complete invoice of the watch.

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