the condition imposed by Denitsa Ikonomova to return to the jury


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After her first season as a juror, Denitsa Ikonomova seemed satisfied with her experience and could well return… but on one condition.

For the eleventh season of Dance with the stars, the jury had a makeover. As the show parted ways with one of its iconic jurors, Jean-Marc Généreux, it offered a new role to one of the most successful dancers of Dance with the stars : Denitsa Ikonomova. Winner four times, the dancer was able to pass to the other side of the competition. Over the course of this last season, the new juror has found her place. Following the final on November 26, which saw Tayc and Fauve Hautot win the competition, the Bulgarian took stock of her adventure and spoke of the rest.

“I was so proud, I felt so privileged to be able to be part of the jury and to try to give them all the tools to be able to make them progress, to make them move forward, that they evolve, and that ‘they go as far as possible. I am very happy with my career as a judge ”, assured Denitsa Ikonomova. “I think I would like to be in the jury again because I liked it a lot, but I would like to dance a little more, admitted the young woman, I hope that we can find a happy medium between the two.” If the judge’s chair seems to suit her, Denitsa Ikonomova would need to find the floor a little more often to be fully fulfilled in her role.

Comfortable in all roles

“It’s an incredible season because we really had a lot of very different personalities, comedians, actors, singers … it was a very varied cast”, explained Denitsa Ikonomova in the after-party of the show. “I was delighted to be part of the jury because I said to myself: ‘They are so strong that maybe it would have been difficult to go to the final this year, ”said the dancer. A great competitor, she won took four of her partners to victory. A first time with Rayane Bensetti, then Loïc Nottet and Laurent Maistret, the following two years, and finally Clément Rémiens. If the public could see the young woman perform a few times during the season, it would seem that, if Denitsa Ikonomova returns to the jury, she has a little more time on the floor of the show.

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