The Coronavirus epidemic increases the risk of postpartum depression, according to this American study

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An American study reports an increase in postpartum depression in times of containment and a global pandemic.

As we already knew, pregnant women and new mothers suffer from the anxiety-provoking atmosphere that has reigned in recent months. Fear of having to give birth on their own, passing the virus on to their babies or not getting the help they need are all concerns they face on a daily basis. The proof is, a recent American study conducted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association notes an increase in postpartum depression during the period of confinement. In question, the new anxieties generated by the health situation and the stress accumulated during pregnancy.

According to the regions of the world, the population lockdowns are not over, as in the United States, where the health situation across the country is more than worrying. In Europe, scientists fear a second epidemic wave in the coming months, raising fears of further restrictions.

Anxiety conditions

Today's times are definitely not conducive to serenity and confidence. Asked by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Alyssa Paul Maltby, a 33-year-old mom, says her pregnancy has not gone well and things are not set to work out once her baby is born. A teacher, she explains that she quit her job shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy and that she will no longer be pregnant when she can return. “It's like a secret pregnancy, isolated, away from family, friends and colleagues.”

When her first daughter, Amalia, was born, Alyssa was able to participate in breastfeeding groups, go for a walk to calm her anxieties, have a social life … activities that she will not be able to participate in with her unborn child. . Already affected by postpartum depression the first time, she fears that the pandemic will play an aggravating role during the birth of her son, expected in August. We wish all future and new mothers a lot of courage during these difficult times.

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