The Crown: Has the new Princess Margaret been found yet?

"The Crown" ends with season five and the series creators are looking for new actors. Princess Margaret is said to have been found.

The series creators of "The Crown" have allegedly found a new Princess Margaret: According to the British tabloid "The Sun", British actress Lesley Manville (64) is to embody Queen Elizabeth II's sister in the fifth and last season. If the rumor is true, the 64-year-old would succeed Vanessa Kirby (32) and Helena Bonham Carter (54), who had previously been seen in the role. So far, three seasons of the Netflix series, which revolves around the life of the Queen, are available.

Manville became known, among other things, by the tragicomedy "Another Year" and also starred in "Maleficent – The Dark Fairy" and in the sequel "Powers of Darkness". According to an insider, the Sun said, "Lesley is highly valued by the makers of 'The Crown' and was her first choice to play Princess Margaret this time." The series creators therefore wanted a star who could handle Margaret's "difficult role" in one of the darkest phases of her life, "when the Windsors were exposed to endless scandals and she was chased by disease".

Imelda Staunton as Queen

However, there is obviously still very little decided on the cast for season five: "Although there are several big names in the room, the producers have so far only signed Lesley and Imelda Staunton, who will play the Queen." The two actresses were seen together in the "Maleficent" films. The last season of "The Crown" could start according to "Sun" around 1990 when Princess Margaret was 60 years old. The Queen's sister died in 2002.