The Crown: Trailer shows the beginning of Diana's "adventure"

"The Crown" continues on November 15th. A trailer shows Diana joining the royal family.

In the new trailer for the fourth season of the Netflix series "The Crown", there are few happy faces. Even if Prince Charles and Diana seem deeply in love before their wedding. A young Diana (Emma Corrin, 24) is brought to the Queen (Olivia Colman, 46) after her relationship with Charles (Josh O'Connor, 30) turns serious. Further scenes in the clip show a desperate Charles and Diana with their backs to him.

"This is the stuff fairy tales are made of: the prince and princess on their wedding day," a voice can be heard in the trailer, which echoes the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, which he said at the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 said. "But fairy tales usually end at this point with the simple sentence: They lived happily ever after. When husband and wife live their vows, love and respect each other, share splendor and misery, highlights and setbacks in life, they change into This process. Our belief sees the wedding day not as the arrival, but as the point where the real adventure begins. " At the end of the clip, Diana shines in her wedding dress before the veil is placed over her face.

Thatcher versus the Queen?

The trailer also shows Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson, 52), who is elected Prime Minister and kneels down in front of the monarch. Thatcher is said to have had numerous differences of opinion with the Queen – and tensions between the two women also seem to arise on "The Crown".

Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter, 54) is struggling with health problems in the fourth season, which can be seen on Netflix from November 15, including an oxygen mask in a hospital bed. The royal family is also shaken by another tragedy, the clip apparently also shows the funeral of Lord Mountbatten, who was assassinated in 1979.