“The Crown” without Senan West: Dominic West no longer wanted his son in the series

“The Crown” without Senan West
Dominic West didn’t want his son on the show anymore

Father-son duo: Dominic and Senan West appeared together in front of the camera as Charles and William in the fifth season of “The Crown”. In the final sixth season, Senan was replaced at his father’s request.

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Dominic West didn’t want to play a particular scene with his son. That’s why Senan was replaced in “The Crown” finale.

Part two of “The Crown” season six starts on Netflix on December 14th. Senan West (15), who played Prince William in the fifth season, will not be there, as was the case in the first part. His father, Charles actor Dominic West (54), has now revealed the reasons for this.

He didn’t want to play this scene with his son

Like the actor according to the “Times” explained to “Radio Times” that he personally advocated that his son Senan no longer take on the role of prince in the final episodes. The first part deals with the death of Princess Diana (1961-1997) and one emotional scene in particular gave West a stomach ache: “I didn’t particularly feel like shooting the scene in Balmoral where a boy is told that his mother has died “, explained the 54-year-old. After the accident in 1997, Charles had to break the sad news to his then 12 and 14-year-old sons Harry (39) and William (41). An event West was reluctant to reenact with his son. Senan was actually intended to play Prince William again: “They invited Senan back because he did such a good job and was great, but I resisted it a bit.” He continued: “It was unfair of me because he wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to do it, to be honest.”

For this reason, Sean West was replaced by Rufus Kampa (17) in the first part of the sixth season. Ed McVey (22) will then take over the role for part 2, which will focus on the beginnings of the relationship between William (41) and Kate (41).

Spin-off with stories about Fergie?

In addition, shortly before the finale of the popular Netflix series, there is hope for fans that they will not have to go without stories from the British royal family for too long. The producer of “The Crown”, Andy Harries (69), revealed “Have You Seen?” podcast, that there could be a spin-off with “pretty cheesy events”. It could cover many events that were left out of “The Crown.” He added: “Fergie doesn’t play a big role in the show. We didn’t do the toe-sucking story. That wasn’t because it wasn’t a good or interesting story, but because it wasn’t central to the theme of the show. It was a sideshow, and I think we did well to avoid the silly sideshows.” But for a spin-off, the relationship between Sarah Ferguson (64) and Prince Andrew (63) and the scandals surrounding their marriage could possibly come into focus.


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