the cry of an Afghan stalked by the Taliban


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Threatened with death because of her profession and her gender, this Afghan woman testifies to the danger she fears since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. She tells of her permanent flight in a text in the form of a cry of distress.

It is a poignant testimony of distress published on August 10, 2021 in the Guardian : the cry of distress of a young woman on the run in Afghanistan, with no safe place to take refuge. She tells in a long text how her life changed with the takeover of the Taliban. “Last week I was a journalist. Today I can no longer write under my real name or say where I come from or where I am. My whole life was wiped out in a matter of days. “, she writes.

The young woman had to flee her city in a hurry, helped by members of her family. Covered with a full veil so as not to be recognized, it tells of the trying road. She had to cut her phone off so the Taliban couldn’t find her. Her boss advised her to stop answering unknown numbers. This Afghan woman leaves behind her parents, of whom she has no news. The hunt has continued since his departure and no place is safe. “The village is held by the Taliban and many families support them. Within hours of our arrival, we were told that some neighbors found out that he was hiding me and that I had to leave – they said the Taliban knew that ‘I was taken out of town and if they came to the village and found me there, they would kill everyone. “

Desperately trying to flee is his last resort for a living, like all his colleagues who have worked in the media. Every woman who has taken a public stand against the Taliban is currently in danger of death, whether she has been involved in the media, in judicial institutions … “All of my colleagues who work in the media are terrified. Most have managed to leave town and seek to leave the province, but we are surrounded.”, says the witness.

Who to help the Afghan people against the Taliban?

His text is a long appeal for help which ends with these words: “As of this writing, the situation is very tense. All I can do is stay on the move and hope to find a way out of the province soon. Please pray for me.” Many Afghans are currently seeking to leave the country and seek asylum outside their borders.

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In France, Emmanuel Macron spoke on August 16 from Brégançon on the situation in Afghanistan, causing an outcry after discussing the migrations to come. Indeed, the Head of State spoke of protecting those who are most threatened, while specifying that “we must anticipate and protect ourselves against the significant irregular migratory flows which would endanger those who use them and would fuel trafficking of all kinds”. On the spot, many images arrive of crowds in danger trying by all means to take place on board Western flights leaving the country.

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