The cult JRPG Live a Live will arrive on PS4, PS5 and PC


With Takashi Tokita directing, Live to Live left under the best auspices. It must be said that Tokita-San still has a CV to rival any game designer west of the Pecos. Director and screenwriter of cultissimes Chrono Trigger And Parasite Eve, the creator gravitates in the SquareSoft sphere, then Square Enix, for 35 years. Add to this that the soundtrack of Live to Liveoriginally composed by High Priestess Yoko Shimomura (Street Fighter II, Legend of Manaand other masterpieces) had been rearranged for the occasion by the composer herself, that the 2D-HD facelift of the most beautiful effect came to sublimate an exquisite scenario, and we obtained all the ingredients of an announced success .

Live my life 2D-HD remake

After having sold more than 500,000 copies in less than six months in its Switch version, Live to Live is about to land on PlayStation 4 and 5, and on PC via the Steam platform. It will take players through the eight scenarios that make up its main adventure on April 27, 2023. For the occasion, the publisher has designed a new trailer presenting the PS and PC versions, which seem identical to their big sister on Switch. . Square Enix did not specify whether physical editions were planned for the PlayStation releases.

And as good news never comes alone, Square Enix announces that a demo will be available today on Steam and on the PlayStation ecosystem. As on Switch last year, this one will allow you to discover the first act of three of the eight stories of the JRPG: the Wild West, the End of the Edo period, and the distant Future. Saved data can be transferred to the final version of the game to continue the adventure where you left off.


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