The cult Saturday Trilogy series finally lands on Amazon Prime Video


We have waited a long time to be able to watch the cult series "Charmed" again, but no streaming platform has broadcast it until now. Good news: The Halliwell sisters are coming to Amazon Prime Video.

The Power of Three will finally set us free! We were a little fed up with having to tune into the 6ter channel slots to be able to watch Charmed. Neither Netflix, nor Disney + Star, nor OCS had yet broadcast the entire cult series of the 90s … In other words, as early fans, we were a little clueless. But Amazon Prime Video has just saved our evenings and weekends at binge watcher. It is this Tuesday, February 23, 2021 that the streaming platform announced to broadcast the series very soon Charmed. Better yet, we have a specific date for the Halliwell sisters' arrival on Amazon Prime Video. The cult series will be available there from March 8, 2021 and in its entirety.

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"Soon we'll be unleashing the Power of Three. Charmed, the complete original series, March 8 on Prime Video", can we read on the tweet of the steaming platform. It is assumed that the date is not chosen at random as it will also be International Women's Day. No doubt that Charmed is one of these series, like Buffy the vampire slayer, which revolutionized the representation of women on the small screen in the 90s. And even if we see some flaws in it today, it is a beautiful Madeleine de Proust that we will be able to savor again on Amazon Prime Video.

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