The Cuphead Show: Date, time, number of episodes… All about the Netflix series

After the undeniable success of Cuphead in 2017, it was obvious that the game was not going to stop there. With its aesthetics worthy of the first American animations of the late 20s and this very connoted graphic paste, Netflix saw in the game of the MDHR studio an opportunity to create a brand new original series with The Cuphead Show. To prepare yourself well before the release of Cuphead and Mugman on your screens, here is all there is to know.

How many episodes for the series?

Series The Cuphead Show will be released tomorrow, Friday February 18, 2022 on our screens. Depending on the geographical area in which you are located, the schedules will not be the same. However, in Europe we will have access to the series at 10 am.

Season 1 of the series The Cuphead Show will feature 12 episodes. If you are a fan (or not) of video games, you will have something to binge-watch all weekend. Netflix has already planned to release nearly 48 episodes for this anime series, even though the first season is still not out.

From what we know of the story is that Cuphead is bored and needs adventure, where Mugman is a little reluctant. But the latter will still accompany his lifelong friend. In their journey that goes beyond them a little, we will also see the most iconic bosses in the game, such as the dragon or the boxer toad duo. They will obviously meet the Devil who is clearly not there to give gifts, but that we already knew.

Netflix adaptations of video games have been mostly acclaimed by the public. We think in particular of Castlevania which had surprised more than one when it came out, but especially Arcanethe series adapted from League of Legends which exploded all the scores. And with the nugget that is Cupheadwe anticipate and hope that the series will be a great success. At least, we will have something to wait for before the release of the DLC: The Delicious Last Course for June 2022.

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