The Curved Lines of God on Netflix: what to understand from the end of the film?

In God’s Curved Lines, a detective is committed to a psychiatric hospital to investigate a murder. Is she the victim of a conspiracy or really sick?

The Curved Lines of God is the Netflix movie that will blow your mind. Top of the list for a few days, this Spanish psychological thriller follows Alice (Barbara Lennie), a detective who joins a psychiatric hospital in order to investigate the death of a patient a few weeks earlier. But the young woman will understand little by little that we have played with her…

Oriol Paulo’s film plays with our perception of reality and has fun blurring the tracks with flashbacks. We gradually understand that it was her husband who had her interned in order to be able to steal her money. But a question remains unanswered: did Alice really try to kill him or did he also lie about it to support his request for internment?

The last minutes of the film confirm our suspicions. While Alice has been declared sane by the jury, the director of the hospital (Samuel Alvar), convinced that the young woman does indeed belong in his establishment, reveals that he has found Doctor Donadio, who can testify against her.

The reply of the latter (“What have you gotten yourself into again?”) and Alice’s camera gaze – at first imploring then full of mischief – makes us say that she is indeed paranoid. Alice would have changed reality by inventing a story, because part of her mind did not accept the fact that she had tried to kill her husband.

We will never know what is true and what is false in The Curved Lines of God, so it is up to the viewer to make up their own mind. A bias of the director who did not necessarily please all subscribers but which allows the film to be talked about.

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