The Cybertruck pedal is broken, Tesla repairs it with a simple rivet

Tesla has found a solution for its accelerator pedal problem that does not stay in place. Repairing the Cybertruck only takes a few seconds, but it sparks mockery on social media.

About thirty seconds is enough to correct the problem of slipping Cybertruck pedals. Tesla decided to install a rivet in the lower part of the accelerator pedal to prevent the pad from becoming dislodged and potentially causing an accident. Tesla technicians will reproduce the manipulation on the 3,878 Tesla Cybertrucks affected by the recall procedure.

If the solution is a priori simple and effective, it did not fail to provoke a reaction on social networks, like X, during the weekend of April 20 and 21, 2024.

A few seconds to set the Cybertruck reminder

Tesla hosted a Cyber ​​Takeover event in Long Beach on April 20, dedicated to Cybertruck owners. Technicians from the brand were sent to the site, taking advantage of this event to carry out the recall procedure on several vehicles together statically.

To carry out the repair, the Tesla technician only has to place a wedge on the pedal to drill in a location agreed by the brand. The small rivet (relatively identical to that used to attach license plates) is thus inserted at the lowest point of the pedal, so as not to disturb the driver too much.

Filmed by one of the event participants, the repair takes only 35 seconds. The video, already viewed more than 6.6 million times, does not, however, show the small vacuuming required after the repair, to remove debris from the pedals in the vehicle.

According to Teslarati, an owner of a Tesla Cybertruck indicated that this repair is temporary. The manufacturer should completely change the pedal with a new one later. The rivet would therefore only be an ephemeral solution to avoid possible accidents. By doing this, the brand will be able to send its itinerant technicians (Rangers) to customers to avoid them having to go to the workshop.

A rivet, and why not some adhesive tape?

On social networks, some users are quite surprised by the solution used by Tesla for vehicles that flirt with 100,000 euros, depending on the version. For many, this repair is not really up to this price range.

Cybertruck pedal with its rivet // Source: Video capture @aaronjcash on X
Cybertruck pedal with rivet. // Source : Video capture @aaronjcash on X

It is considered unsightly and particularly crude. However, the repair is one of the safest to ensure that the pedal no longer moves inappropriately. In this case, a lousy repair is better than an accident.

To make fun, many Internet users ask if adhesive tape or a shot of super glue wouldn’t be just as effective. Obviously, given the possible conditions of use of this vehicle, it is not. But, this does not fail to make the situation laugh.

As much adored as it is mocked, Tesla is a brand that gets people talking a lot. This is definitely one of the topics covered in our weekly Watt Else newsletter:

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