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Elisabeth Borne again the target of strong criticism. A deputy does not hesitate to point the finger on Twitter!

Managing the energy crisis spill a lot of ink. It must be said that this is a real challenge that Elisabeth Borne and her government must take up at the moment. With the threats of a gas shortage hovering over France, the government has called for energy sobriety. Thereby, ministers will also have to save energy. This Monday, July 25, Elisabeth Borne unveiled a circular asking members of her government to put in place “extensive energy sobriety measures” And this a.s.a.p.

Among the measures recommended by the Prime Ministerit asks that the heating be switched on in public buildings only when “the temperature of the premises is below 19°C”. “In terms of mobility, I invite you to encourage sustainable mobility practices such as carpooling or easy access by bicycle and the switch to fleets of very low-emission vehicles” can we read. The information was made public by BFM TV and journalist Anne Saurat-Dubois relayed the document in question on social networks, in particular on Twitter. Not surprisingly, the news caused a lot of reaction.

Elisabeth Borne nicknamed “Tartuffe”

The new measures recommended by the Prime Minister did not please everyone. Especially in the ranks of Europe Ecology, the Greens. Julien Bayou therefore hastened to resume the tweet of the journalist on his profile and add his opinion. “But shale gas and coal-fired power plants are open bar. Tartuffe” writes the co-president of the environmental group in the National Assembly who therefore thinks that the new measures of Elisabeth Borne are hypocritical. In this tweet, Julien Bayou refers to two ecological contradictions of the French government. The first, the revival of coal-fired power stations in the country, which are known to be very polluting. The second concerns the import of American shale gas, the extraction of which is prohibited in France once again because of its highly polluting nature. But you should know that Julien Bayou is not the only one to point the finger at the ecological policy of the Elisabeth Borne government. In effect, Ségolène Royal also spoke on the subject on his Twitter. “What is the coherence of this government? New derisory punishments on traders on one side, on the other, the deplorable decision for fossils: coal + shale gas. The children of our children in the face of the damage will say: they knew and acted badly” she wrote.

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