The Czech Republic makes Germany a risk area and makes entry difficult for unvaccinated people

Unvaccinated vacationers find it increasingly difficult to travel abroad. After Malta, the Czech Republic is now also following suit. Anyone who enters the country unvaccinated is not allowed to enter the country. FOCUS Online says which countries have already introduced the tougher travel rules for German citizens.

After Spain, the Czech Republic will also classify the Federal Republic as a risk area from August 30 (Monday). This means that unvaccinated holidaymakers from Germany are only allowed to enter the holiday country if they submit a PCR test and an entry registration. They also have to be in quarantine.

The quarantine lasts, the Czech authorities told FOCUS Online, five days. German citizens can submit a second PCR test after the fifth day of entry and interrupt the isolation. The negative PCR test must be digitally submitted to the responsible Ministry of Health no later than 14 days after entry.

Vaccinated persons and genesis, on the other hand, have no restrictions on entry. You can enter and transit through the Czech Republic with your documents. What is new, however, is that from Monday you will have to fill out an entry form coming from Germany.

Where do unvaccinated Germans come into the country with difficulty or not at all?

Malta had excluded unvaccinated vacationers from Germany. You are only allowed to enter in exceptional circumstances and only with prior approval.

Norway declared Germany to be the “red zones”, as did Slovakia and Lithuania. Unvaccinated German citizens need a PCR test (not older than 72 hours) and travel registration in these countries. You have to be in quarantine for ten days.

Vaccinated and Genesis can enter without restrictions. Must present their supporting documents to the authorities upon arrival.

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