The daily life of a confinement professor

Following the closure of schools on March 16, teachers had to familiarize themselves with other ways of working. To better understand this new life at home, we met Caroline, professor of History-Geography-EMC in Dourdan (Île-de-France).

"The Ministry of theNational education is not very clear. On the one hand, it requires us as a directive to maintain educational continuity and to continue teaching at a distance, while explaining on television that we are perfectly prepared. On the other hand, some ministers present teachers as lazy and explain that we are paid to do nothingThese words sum up the feelings of Caroline, professor of History-Geography-EMC in Dourdan (Île-de-France), since the closure of schools due to confinement to the coronavirus.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, hammers the famous "educational continuity " or "educational continuity ", but he also recognizes that home school would increase educational inequality. He has just revealed that ""between 5 and 8% of the pupils "were" lost " by their teachers, who cannot reach them.
The politician recalls that tablets can be distributed by local authorities or associations to families who do not have computer equipment.

A hierarchical daily life

Caroline, for her part, organizes her daily life in this way:

-On Monday, she posts her weekly program for each of her classes (2 classes of 5th, 2 classes of 4th and 2 classes of 3rd). Then she sends the program to the ENT (Digital Work Environment where students can reply to her via messaging). She also posts all of the work to the Pronote text book (the online text book) which creates "a distribution of work over the week, according to the usual course schedules".

-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Caroline connects to the ENT around 9 a.m. – 10 a.m., between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. and in the afternoon around 5 p.m. to collect the homework and questions sent to her, either on the ENT, either on his academic email or on other exchange platforms. The professor classifies the homework in files arranged by class then she spends the rest of the time correcting them, taking care to write a long comment for each one,so that they have a precise feedback on their work. I send them back immediately then I put the note on Pronote (if there is a note)".

-Friday, she prepares her lessons for the following week, "in all three levels, and adapting them for an online course. "
We usually have a videoconference that day with the college’s teaching staff and management to take stock of tools and communication, "she said.

The role of parents

For the teacher, parents must do their best.
"They are not teachers and no one will have medals at the end. They must not be exhausted, neither they nor their children. If some lessons are not known, not copied correctly or some homework returned late, it does not matter. This situation is unprecedented and is not easy for anyone".

"Parents must be there to support and reassure their children. They should not replace them and do their homework for them… It is important that they understand it because some students become excellent from a distance, and we understand very well that they did not answer alone , and it's not helping them to do it for them", insists Caroline.

It is important for the college professor that "the Ministry of National Education sees our work! "and that the technocrats" listen FINALLYteachers rather than working alone and always giving us a thousand contradictory orders".

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