the date of the final already known, it will be broadcast on…

While TF1 is preparing to kick off season 12 of Secret Story, after stopping the program for several years, the date of the finale has already fallen… unexpectedly. We tell you everything you need to know!

TF1 announced with great fanfare the return of Secret Story on its antenna on April 3, during a press conference that was particularly followed and commented on. The first information relating to this season 12 whose kick-off is scheduled for Tuesday April 23 in the second part of the evening were unveiled and augur a profound overhaul of private broadcast entertainment for seven years. Christophe Beaugrand will be the facilitator. “It’s a reboot, a new version. We’re going to reconnect with the fundamentals: obviously the secrets, the intrigues, with extremely playful residents with a very good-natured spirit”said the one who succeeds Benjamin Castaldi.

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For his part, the group’s director of development and creation TF1 Julien Degroote emphasized that “strategy games” had “on the rise” currently, and that “this universe has been adapted for television”. “However, the ultimate strategy game, of reference, is Secret Story. There is no better format on television”he said during this press conference, while recalling for his part that viewers were currently affected by a wind of nostalgia as we had already seen in 2022 with the return of star Academy.

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A second optional date set

The list of candidates and the list of secrets have not yet been revealed, but there is no doubt that all these elements are eagerly awaited by admirers of the entertainment of the first channel. Just as they should be excited to discover the impressive house of secrets at Poissy, this commune with more than 40,000 inhabitants and located in the Yvelines department (Île-de-France), very close to the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The town of Achères, which is located a handful of kilometers to the south, has reluctantly lifted the veil on other information linked to the filming and broadcast of Secret Story 2024, in a publication on his Facebook account.

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Earlier this week, it was indeed announced that noise pollution was to be expected, in accordance with “the organization of the opening of an outdoor and covered stage space located at 6-8 rue Charles Edouard Jeanneret in Poissy”. “The company ENDEMOL FRANCE is authorized to organize sound entertainment and to broadcast amplified music” on certain days and at specific times, already defined. Namely Monday April 22 – the day before the big premiere – between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., as part of rehearsals -, we stipulate. It will be the same the next day from 11 a.m. until midnight, then Tuesday June 18. The reason ? It is on this day that the show finalewe assure, while emphasizing that a optional second date was already posed Tuesday June 25.

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Residents already divided

On social networks, local residents got excited when they heard the news, ironically for some of them: “Achères will become a popular city” Or “The city must have received a big fee”. Others, however, are offended, worrying about the inconvenience caused by the noise pollution and the very probable media excitement caused by the broadcast of the program not far from Achères: “All that for a b**** show”, “Big mess” And “Cool for those who work, all that for a brainless show”. And this while the results of the daily premiere audiences should be the subject of a lot of attention!

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As for the follow-up to season 12 of Secret Storywe know that bonuses will be broadcast on Fridays at 5:30 p.m., and the name of the eliminated candidate will be revealed immediately. There daily is planned in the same slot, and other events will be followed exclusively on the platform TF1+for premium plan subscribers.


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