The daughter of Franck Lavier, acquitted from Outreau, returns to his accusations of sexual assault

The daughter of Franck Lavier, acquitted from Outreau, who accused her father of sexual assault when she was a minor, returned, Friday, September 22, to her accusations at the bar of the criminal court of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de -Calais).

“Nothing happened that I said in my testimony”declared, after almost three hours of hearing, this young woman of 24 years, who accused her father of having sexually assaulted her between 2015 and 2016.

From the opening of the trial, where Franck Lavier, 45, risks up to seven years in prison, the young woman had given up on becoming a civil party. The defendant again affirmed that he had not ” nothing to [se] to reproach “.

The prosecution had requested in this case, in July 2021, the referral of Mr. Lavier to the criminal court for acts committed between September 2015 and May 2016. Then aged 16, her daughter sent a letter to the CPE of her high school, entitled “Terrible childhood”, in which she mentioned “something serious”. The prosecution is seized. In hearing, she claims to have been the victim of touching by her father since the beginning of 2015. Franck Lavier has, for his part, always contested any aggression towards his daughter.

“They called me “the Outreau Affair””

“It’s complicated to denounce someone you love, especially if it’s the person who conceived you”she wrote in this letter in blue ink. “If I were to denounce my father, he would go to prison. » Why did she write this letter? “Because I felt bad about myself”, she answers at the bar. What are the “serious things” mentioned? ” I do not know anymore. »

The president also mentions a conversation with a friend, to whom she tells that her father has been going to her room every weekend for a year and a half, going so far as to mention a “rape”. ” It’s wrong “admits the young woman.

At the helm, she recounts a life “complicated”, marked by his placement at not even 2 years old, when his parents were swept away by the Outreau affair. She will only find them again at the age of 6. Bullying at school, then: “They called me “the Outreau Affair”. »

Franck Lavier was one of those accused in Outreau with his wife, Sandrine. He was acquitted by the Paris Court of Appeal in 2005, after having been sentenced in 2004 to six years in prison for the rape of his stepdaughter and sexual assault on four children, by the Assize Court of Saint -Omer (Pas-de-Calais).

In 2011, two of the five Lavier children, a boy and a girl aged 10 and 11 – who were placed during the incarceration of their parents in the Outreau affair – denounced abuse without a sexual nature, after having ran away and were placed with a childminder.

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A video dating from March 2009 – taken during a drunken party and featuring more or less naked adults simulating sexual acts in the presence of children – was seized from the Laviers’ home, during a search following the discovery of these facts. Subsequent searches led to the discovery of other photos and videos from half a dozen similar evenings between 2008 and 2009.

The Lavier couple were sentenced, in 2012, to ten and eight months in prison for habitual violence, but acquitted of the charge of corruption of minors.

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