The Day Before shows the nothingness of its gameplay

Requested for several months by the players, a gameplay video of The Day Before finally showed the tip of its nose on February 2. A surprise since after the latest news of the game at the end of January, namely its fourth postponement, no one expected to see this video one day. Some even go so far as to wonder if the game really exists.

In hopes of putting these rumors to rest, the studio Fntastic finally shared a 10-minute trailer to showcase its gameplay. But even without expecting much, the disappointment is there.

Far from the stunning images promised by the developers, the video actually plunges us into long minutes of emptiness and boredom. The focus is on a female character scampering through the deserted streets, weapon in hand. The angle of view does not even try to pretend and insists heavily on the buttocks of the protagonist. To believe that this is the most worked element here. Then comes a short passage in an abandoned house to present a crafting workbench. The weapons seem to be able to be almost entirely customizable, despite an interface that remains extremely generic.

If the boredom is already well felt, the continuation is not better. In a survival MMO where the environment is supposed to be teeming with bloodthirsty infected, we have the right to expect a little tension during face-to-face encounters. But the enemy AI turns out to be totally non-existent. At best the few zombies run at us in a straight line with the speed of an asthmatic grandfather. At worst, they just scream in a corner without moving. Not to mention that the lack of visible animations in the images is difficult to convince, both by its lack of realism and by its rigid appearance.

Far from living up to what was announced by the developers, this presentation revives the debate on the possibility that The Day Before is in fact only a scam. Indeed, difficult to believe, in the state, that the game could have been ready for the beginning of March without this annoying problem of registered trademark. As for its release on November 10, 2023, we are impatiently awaiting the next excuse for yet another postponement.

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