The Day Before, the most anticipated game on Steam, calls on volunteers

Despite its postponement to 2023, The Day Before remains one of the most anticipated games of the coming months. Moreover, since the beginning of 2022, and even before, it has been the most wishlisted game on Steam, which proves the enthusiasm around this survival experience, which promises to be intense. However, The Day Before is talked about on the web for a reason that is original to say the least: Fntastic works with volunteers for the development of its game.

As we can read on the official website, the culture of Fntastic is based on volunteering and each member of the studio “ is a volunteer “. There are two categories, the full-time volunteer, who is paid and is considered an employee, and a part-time volunteer, who is considered a volunteer. This can carry out various activities, ranging from translation to community moderation, or even offer its know-how to ” improve projects or create new features “.

Very quickly, part of the community questioned and even took a dim view of calling on volunteers for the development of such a game, but Fntastic defended itself in the columns of Eurogmmer , to clarify this point. The goal is for everyone working for the company to do so of their own free will, without pressure or anything else.. In addition, many people want to help out across the world, and to facilitate this, Fntastic is therefore appealing to them as a “volunteer volunteer”.

The company’s values ​​are built on the idea of ​​volunteerism, which means that everyone who works or volunteers here does so of their own free will, acts with dedication, enthusiasm, and supports the team in every way. possible ways. We have many people around the world who help us in many ways, they are part-time volunteers. They help us in all the projects we have. While full-time volunteers are company employees.

As a reminder, The Day Before release is now scheduled for March 1, 2023. In the meantime, you can find a summary article with all the information about it.

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