The day: dog bites wildly and is shot

The day
Dog bites wildly and is shot

A German Shepherd hybrid has in Kalefeld, Lower Saxony injured several people and was finally shot.

The animal got its 65 year old owner after returning from a walk bitten several times and badly injured in the arm and leg. A neighbor rushed to help and fended off the dog so that the injured woman could escape into the house. He called the police. A friend of the woman leashed the dog, which was also muzzled. But the animal managed to free itself from the muzzle. The dog tore himself free and bit wildly. There he injured a police officer with five bites in the right hand and another officer got two bites in the right thumb. Pepper spray had little effect. When the dog tried to attack the police again, they shot him with the service weapon. The 65-year-old and the two officers came to the hospital.