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Last September, Daniel Lévi reserved a nice surprise for Pascal Obispo on the set of “La Boîte à secrets”, on France 3. A strong moment in emotion.

The music world is mourning the loss of one of its own. singer and pianist Daniel Lévi died on Saturday August 6 at the age of 60after having fought, from 2019, against a Colon Cancer. An illness that had weakened him considerably in recent days, so much so that his wife and guardian angel, Sandrine Aboukrat, had called on fans of the musician to pray for his recovery. Since the announcement of his death, many artists have paid tribute to the one who had delivered a moving interpretation of “The desire to love, flagship title of the musical The ten Commandments, which propelled his career. To start with Pascal Obispo, who composed the sung titles by the show troupe.

“A man, a voice, a brother, our brother is gone… (…) II’m looking for the words, I can’t find enough beautiful ones. It was big, it was good, it was us”, he wrote in the caption of a portrait of Daniel Lévi. More than 20 years after the first performance of the ten commandments at the Palais des sports in Paris, the two men remained very close. The strength of their bond was also obvious to viewers during the show. The secret boxbroadcast on France 3, on September 9th.

Tears of Pascal Obispo

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During this program presented by Faustine Bollaert, Pascal Obispo got caught up in the game and agreed, like the other guests, to reveal his greatest secrets. On the set, several of his relatives have reserved for him beautiful surprises. The interpreter of “Vintage” thus had the joy of seeing the landing Pablo Villafrancawho portrayed the character of Joshua in The ten Commandments. He then sang “Maximum Penalty“, one of the hits of the show composed by Pascal Obispo. Then, Thierry Amiel interpreted “my battle“, one of the pieces of the musical Adam and Eve in which he landed the lead role. A show which this time was directed by Pascal Obispo himself. The 57-year-old singer then saw Ahmed Mouici (Ramesses in The ten Commandments) sing the first notes of “My brother“, before being joined on stage by Daniel Levi.

By sending the singer, who brilliantly embodied the character of Moses in The ten Commandments, Pascal Obispo could not hold back his tears. He even momentarily stepped away from the performers on stage, overwhelmed with emotion. A highlight. It’s a life that passes, that parades…”, said Pascal Obispo, upset, in reference to the musicals that he helped to create. To which Daniel Lévi replied: It’s timeless, what you did.”

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