The day: Police investigate fatal accident in Kempen

On Thursday afternoon, a twelve-year-old boy was killed in Kempen on the Lower Rhine as a Car driven into a pedestrian group is. The police are now investigating how the accident came about and whether the 30-year-old driver acted deliberately. There is currently no evidence of this, the police said.

The The boy's mother and a pedestrian were seriously injured. The deceased's two-year-old brother suffered minor injuries. According to a police spokesman, the accident site on the road towards Tönisvorst is in a long right-hand bend in a wooded area. It is not illuminated. Here the driver had left the road around 4.30 p.m. His car skidded over the footpath and bike path into a field, where he stopped.

The deceased's brother was sitting in a stroller at the time of the collision. The vehicle was completely destroyed, as pictures show.