the day she publicly refused Raymond Domenech’s marriage proposal


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Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech separated a few months ago. A look back at a television love story marked by a declined marriage proposal.

The former coach of the France team, Raymond Domenech, and the presenter of “Estelle Midi” on RMC, Estelle Denis, have separated. They have not been together for a few months now, but they preferred to remain discreet so as not to find themselves harassed by the media. Since the 2000s, they had a serious relationship and even had two children together: Victoire born in 2004 and Merlin born in 2007. But what marked the viewers and viewers is this marriage proposal, live , in 2008. France then lost against Italy during the Euro Cup. Raymond Domenech, shaken by this news, however wanted to mark the day by asking his companion in marriage even though she presented the post-match program 100% Foot. He asks her which she refuses. The moment is significant.

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Estelle Denis still questioned by people in the street about marriage

Much to the chagrin of Estelle Denis, who told Paris Match of the difficulties that this declined request had caused her: “Even today, I am stopped in the street to find out if I would ever accept his proposal” she tells reporters. According to her, Raymond Domenech had not realized the consequences of such an act. “Parents of two children, we have lived together for fourteen years. We are PACS, why change things? Marriage scares me. And one thing is certain: organizing this ceremony would worry me terribly. I would be afraid of forgetting someone ‘one in the table plan’, she explained to the magazine. Today, the couple separated but their union will remain etched in the minds.

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