The Defense district wants to save 15% of energy this winter

The business district of La Défense, west of Paris, announced on Thursday that it is aiming for a 15% drop in its energy consumption this winter, in a context of soaring prices.

By aiming for a 15% reduction in electricity consumption in the district, we are setting an ambitious but achievable objective, said Georges Siffredi, president of the local public establishment Paris La Défense, in a press release.

Businesses in the business district are invited to turn off their offices and lights at night, lower the heating by a degree or two and optimize the technical management of their buildings.

They are also offered to reduce their consumption during the peak hours indicated by the RTE network manager, by shifting or limiting heating or by avoiding the charging of electric vehicles during these hours.

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France and Europe are preparing for tensions between energy supply and demand this winter, while Russia has drastically reduced its gas deliveries after the invasion of Ukraine.

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