The deputies validate the cap on the increase in rents and the revaluation of the APL

The National Assembly approved this Thursday the ceiling of the increase in rents at 3.5% for one year as well as a revaluation of 3.5% of personalized housing aid (APL), within the framework of the examination in first reading of the bill in favor of purchasing power. The deputies thus adopted by 198 votes against 71 article 6 of the government project, after muscular exchanges between the majority and the left, which demanded a pure and simple blocking of rents.

La Nupes wanted a rent freeze

A “rent shield” is planned with a cap on the variation of the reference rent index (IRL) at 3.5% from July 2022 to June 2023, in order to limit the impact of high inflation on increases rent and to make the expenditure that households devote to their housing predictable. In addition, the APLs paid from July 1, 2022 will be revised in advance, rather than October 1, as provided for by the law in force.

The left-wing alliance Nupes unsuccessfully defended a series of amendments for a rent freeze until the end of 2023 or at least a rise limited to 1%. “The bill is not only insufficient but dangerous” because it paves the way for rent increases of 3.5%, judged Adrien Quatennens (LFI).

Nicolas Meizonnet (RN) also criticized “a very insufficient revaluation” of the APL “in view of the repeated cuts” on this allocation. The 3.5% increase represents an additional expenditure of 168 million euros for the State budget. Via an amendment by Charles de Courson (LIOT group) supported by the majority, the National Assembly voted a reinforced “rent shield” for the Overseas Territories, in order to limit rent increases there to a maximum of 2.5%. In Corsica, the increase may be limited to 1.5%.

The State may limit the increase in rents in rural revitalization zones to 1.5%

In addition, the opposition deputies managed by joining together to pass another amendment by Charles de Courson, offering the representative of the State the possibility of limiting the possible increase in rents in the rural revitalization zone to 1.5% . The vote was close and the elected officials were recounted by the “sitting-standing” procedure for greater accuracy. In vain, a few elected members of the majority rushed into the hemicycle to try to turn the tide.

In a point of order, the president of deputies RN Marine Le Pen criticized this sudden arrival. Another peak of tension: Matthias Tavel (LFI) asked that the deputies “directly interested” in the rise in rents “not participate in the work”. Richard Ramos (MoDem) retorted to him: “Sort through LFI” of “those who have social housing and defend the tenants”.

The deputies met to adopt an LFI amendment – a first on this bill – providing for the prohibition of overrents when a dwelling has sanitary facilities on the landing or thermal insulation problems.

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