the director reacts to the rumours. Bad sign ?

New twist in the God of War Ragnarok release date soap opera. The producer of the game took the floor in the negative. Should this be seen as a bad sign?

It smacks of scorch for an imminent and official God of War Ragnarok release date reveal. Recently, several serious sources agreed that an announcement would be made around the game in the coming hours. Yet Cory Barlog seems to be going in the opposite direction, but all hope would not be lost.

The announcement of the release date of God of War Ragnarok postponed?

If it were up to me, I’d share all the information I know about God of War Ragnarok, but that’s out of my hands. So please be patient. I promise you that we will share things as soon as possible. We make games for you and thanks to you “. Mass has been said ? Cory Barlog posted this little message on these social networks on the evening of June 29. A tweet that echoes the many credible rumors that predicted an announcement for today revealing the release date, obviously set for November.

Should we see a bad sign or any postponement of the game? No. Barlog was very clear on this subject in response to Internet users. God of War Ragnarok will not miss its release in 2022 and has not been postponed to 2023. The teams are just not ready to show the fruits of their labor yet. Patience therefore, finally for the official it seems.

Any news during the day despite everything?

It will happen when it happens, but theinsider Tom Henderson does not budge. According to him, the long-awaited announcement around God of War Ragnarök would be postponed, but fans would still have something to eat. Information around PlayStation exclusivity should still leak unofficially during the day. No State of Play therefore, but rather a new one leaked.

I never said we would have details officially “recalls the leaker on his Twitter. We therefore imagine that he will not be shy to say what he knows about the game. Come on, see you in the hours to come for the rest of the soap opera around the release date of God of War Ragnarok.

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