“The Discounter”: Christian Ulmen produces a new series for Amazon

“The Discounter”
Christian Ulmen produces a new series for Amazon

Christian Ulmen (2nd from left) and Carsten Kelber (3rd from right) produce the mockumentary series “Die Discounter” for Amazon Prime Video.

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Christian Ulmen and Carsten Kelber are producing a new series for Amazon. “Die Discounter” will be released on December 17th.

“Jerks” star Christian Ulmen (46) is producing a new series for Amazon. Together with “Jerks” producer Carsten Kelber (48), the actor brings the mockumentary series “Die Discounter” to a streaming service. Amazon announced this on Monday. The young adult series produced by Pajama Pictures is coming to Amazon Prime Video on December 17, 2021 with ten quarter-hour episodes and revolves around a group of young supermarket employees.

This is what “Die Discounter” is all about

“Die Discounter” follows a group of young employees in a delicatessen in Hamburg. “The new” Titus (Bruno Alexander, 22) and his colleagues have to deal with dissatisfied customers, thieving employees and other everyday catastrophes. The cast of the series includes Peter (Ludger Bökelmann, 20), Flora (Nura Habib Omer, 32), Samy (David Ali Rashed, 19), Lia (Marie Bloching, 25) and Pina (Klara Lange, 23). Viewers can also look forward to some prominent guest roles, including Fahri Yardim (41).

The series was shot in mockumentary style with elements of improvisation and is a “completely new kind of German young adult series”, as Dr. Christoph Schneider, Managing Director of Prime Video Germany, explains. “With a comedy-experienced production team and a top-class cast of young actors, Prime members can look forward to a particularly entertaining streaming experience in the entertaining episodes of ‘Die Discounter’,” he adds.


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