The dispute escalated – car damaged by “ghost drivers” in the Innviertel

A bizarre incident occurred on the evening of November 2nd at the Alte Brücke border crossing from Burghausen to Hochburg-Ach. A 53-year-old crossed the bridge in his car against the one-way street. He filed a complaint with the Hochburg police station because an unknown woman is said to have hit his bonnet and caused several hundred euros in property damage.

A German (53) from the Braunau district reported to the Hochburg-Ach police station that on November 2 he drove his car against the direction of travel from Burghausen over the old bridge to Ach. A pedestrian was so angry that, according to his description, she threw herself on the hood of his Ford and hit the car with her hands. According to the police, the property damage amounts to several hundred euros. The exact amount of damage is still unclear, as the car has not yet been examined by an expert. Second parties are unknown. Subsequently, a dispute between the driver, the woman and their male companion is said to have developed over the entire bridge in front of the local area of ​​Ach . A witness could be found during the investigation. According to her description, it even says in the room that the driver could have hit the lady walking in front of him and that is why the dispute between those involved arose. The one-way regulation at the Alte Brücke border crossing, which leads across the Salzach, has been controversial from the start. As a result, there have already been several protest marches. To date, it is not yet known what exactly happened between the couple with Bavarian dialect and the 53-year-old driver. Any witnesses to the incident or both parties involved are requested to report to the Hochburg police station on 059 133 4201.
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