The Division 2: the big new features of Year 5 revealed, the roguelite Descent mode already available for testing

After a slowdown in 2021 and many repetitions of past events, The Division 2 has returned to original seasonal content since 2022. It has also hosted its Season 11 earlier this year and Ubisoft had given us an appointment this Thursday to discover his Year 5.

The Division 2 Year 5 Year roadmap Seasons

The numbering will also start again at the beginning with a Season 1: Broken Wings in Junewhich will introduce the mode Descentthe pursuit of Mari Singhthe former director of DC Aquariumto save the civilians that Natalya Sokolova And BlackTusk took hostage, as well as the reconstruction of the Castle Colony, which will come back to life as we rescue innocent people. will then follow there Season 2: Puppeteers with a news Incursion and the end of the reconstruction of the Castle Colonythere Season 3: Vanguard which will make us return to New York to discover unpublished information on Aaron Keener and enjoy a special Christmas event, and finally a Season 4: Black Diamondwhich will bring a DLCs scripted with original missions and areas, as well as a revamp of the end game and the season system.

Clothing events are otherwise planned for each period to allow us to unlock cosmetics. The event resident Evil will also make its return from April 25 to May 9, while new objects inspired by Splinter Cell will be sold with the Year 5 Season 1 Premium Pass.

The festivities begin otherwise from today with the arrival of the mode Descent on test servers. This free playable experience for 1 to 4 players will offer a way adventure roguelite where we start without equipment, advantage or specialization, with almost unlimited random progression and an almost infinite difficulty curve, accessible to all players. It gives access to unique rewards and new rules of build not available in the standard game, and will teach us more about the Black TusksTHE Huntersthe technologies of Division And Ortiz Roboticsas well as on their links with the secretary for the homeland security, Calvin McManus.

For latecomers, The Division 2: Warlords of New York is available from €9.00 on

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