the DLC sells us dreams with its latest trailer

Just one month before its release, the Elden Ring DLC ​​Shadow of the World Tree shines once again in a trailer that really makes your mouth water.

Two years after the release of FromSoftware’s absolute masterpiece that is Elden Ring, the feverish wait for its DLC is nearing its end. To help us wait, the renowned Japanese studio treats us to a trailer that promises as much dreams as suffering. See instead.

A new reason to look forward to Elden Ring DLC

We learned earlier today that the Elden Ring DLC ​​would be entitled to a new trailer at 5 p.m. here. The hour has arrived, so you can watch it in all its golden glory below! Approximately three minutes long, it presents new elements that await us in Shadow of the World Tree on June 21 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. If you prefer to keep the surprise for the big day, it would however be more prudent to chomp on the bit. This short overview presents us, with the very cryptic style that we know from FromSoftware, the story of this new adventure, and by extension that of Elden Ring itself.

We already know that the sap of the World Tree has begun to flow and would have harmful effects on the new world, under its shadow, which will soon open to us. This should in any case have an area slightly larger than Necrolimbs, the first and already vast area of ​​the base game. We will therefore have to unravel the mysteries of this new manifestation of the Golden Tree, in the footsteps of Miquella, facing the tyranny of Messmer the Impaler, the headliner of this expansion.

Along the way, we will be able to discover a plethora of new equipment and powers to strengthen our Shineless. This will not be too much to face the dozen new and terrifying bosses who risk traumatizing more than one after many attempts ending in a terrible death. We should also meet new NPCs and face “ difficult choices “, according to Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring. Verdict on June 21 on the one and only DLC of this true masterpiece from FromSoftware, possibly awaiting a sequel.

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