the drink to adopt to have beautiful skin

What if a cup of broth could work wonders on your skin? In any case, that's what a certain broth promises: bone broth.

The holiday excesses are still being felt on your skin at this hectic start to the year despite the application of creams? It might be time to try and take care of your skin from the inside out. If the beauty rituals in & out that encourage you to take food supplements is clearly an interesting option, it seems that you can also count on a simple drink to have a beautiful skin: the bone broth.

The skin is a reflection of what we consume

Not so surprising when you consider that skin quality and diet are closely linked. Proof of this is the excess or poor digestion of certain foods such as sugar, fat or even dairy products which can impact the texture or even the color of our skin by giving us redness and pimples when they do not make the dry or almost grainy skin when there are many imperfections. In short, so many signs of inflammation that we can counter (at least in part) by monitoring the ingredients we consume.
And of course, food is not always a source of skin problems, on the contrary, it is also a great help in filling up with vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, thanks to fruits and vegetables for example. Likewise, the drinks we consume also have various virtues. If the most important thing is water – sufficient water consumption is truly a source of beauty for the epidermis as we now know – there is not only water that can help you plump your skin and have a healthy and radiant epidermis. Some "beauty drinks" can also help you, and this is precisely the case with bone broth, a broth that stands out as beauty food the moment after the excesses of the holiday season.

What is the bone broth ?

Those familiar with the language of Shakespeare will have understood it, the bone broth it’s nothing more than bone broth. A French translation that could quickly make the drink suddenly less attractive if we did not know that boiled bones are a very good source of collagen, a star protein in anti-aging care that is naturally present in the body and especially in the skin. , and which guarantees the cohesion of epidermal cells, the elasticity of the skin and its firmness, as well as the regeneration of skin tissue. Enough to improve the appearance of our skin immediately with a simple broth cure!

Made from animal bones (chicken, beef …), the bone broth is a broth made by slowly cooking bones in water sometimes paired with a little apple cider vinegar – an acidic ingredient that helps extract minerals and nutrients from the bones so that they transfer to the water cooking – and in which vegetables such as carrots, onions or celery are often added. Once everything has cooked for a long time (count between twelve and forty-eight hours), all that remains is to filter the liquid to remove the solid parts (bones, vegetables) and to consume it to provide the skin with the benefits of this shot of collagen which acts internally to instantly plump the skin and help it fight against skin aging.
But do not worry if you do not have the time or the patience to concoct your own bone broth yourself, it is also possible to order ready-to-use on the nubio workshop website. which offers a cure of this “beautiful skin” drink to be delivered.

Why is it really interesting to consume collagen?

An essential constituent of the dermis, collagen is certainly naturally produced by the human body but its production slows down rapidly over the years – more precisely around twenty-five or thirty years old – before drastically decreasing between the ages of forty-five and fifty. Since the role of this protein is essential for the skin, this drop in collagen production has a very negative impact on its quality and appearance. The skin tends to become thinner and more fragile, to dry out faster, but also to lose tone and density, in addition to wrinkling. It is therefore really useful to consume it through this type of beauty drink (or through food supplements if you do not want to test the bone broth) to compensate for this decrease and keep beautiful skin.

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