the editorial staff’s favorites for fall

As with every change of season, it is interesting to shake up your beauty routine a little to adapt it to the evolving needs of our skin, body and hair. That’s why we found our favorite treatments of the moment!

The arrival of autumn is the perfect opportunity to sort through the products used in the bathroom and change some in favor of treatments more suited to the weather of the season. Facials, body treatments or even hair: same struggle, the needs of the skin and the hair fiber change according to the seasons, the cold, the wind, the rain …

Facials: our favorites for fall

In the fall, fatigue sets in and the complexion, which is no longer warmed by the gentle rays of the sun, tends to be dull and lose its radiance. We therefore rely on treatments that boost the epidermis, help it regenerate, illuminate, hydrate, soothe and plump it to regain a beautiful radiant complexion.

Body: our favorite treatments for fall

They are one of the most exposed and strained parts of the body: the hands require constant attention, especially during this Covid period when hydroalcoholic gel and frequent washing are drying them out. We therefore rely on the traditional cream, but not only! The scrub is also a gesture to adopt. On the overall body side, we are also thinking of offering deeper care to the epidermis so that it remains young, supple and soft as long as possible. The must ? An anti-aging treatment that nourishes the skin well.

Hair routine for fall: take care of your hair fiber!

After the seasonal fall, we focus on gentle treatments that gently cleanse the hair, natural treatments that do not attack the hair fiber in the long term and styling treatments that give back volume to the air to redensify the hair.

Find out now our favorite treatments of the moment, products that are definitely worth testing.

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