The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, the new expansion in the city of the dead of Morrowind on the run

It will soon be 9 years since The Elder Scrolls Online fascinates fans of the series. It renews regularly with free and paid content, as with the extension High Isle published in 2022. The next one must be formalized this evening during the Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Directbut as often, it has just leaked before its time.

Not only IGN unveiled its logo a little too early via one of its videos on hold, but above all, the summary of the future extension has been found in game data following its latest update. say hello to The Elder Scrolls: Necromwhich will take us into an unknown and deadly territory of Morrowwind. You can discover below the translation (still approximate) of the content of the DLCs paying, which will make us explore the Telvanni Peninsula to use the powers of the apocryphal books and Arcanists.

Telvanni Peninsula & Apocrypha

Explore the Telvanni Peninsula, home to towering mushrooms, rocky spiers and the city of Necrom with its vast catacombs. Admire the forbidden books of the Endless Library and the breathtaking wonder of Chroma Incognito, in the realm of apocrypha.

Shadow over Morrowind

The Prince of Destiny holds secrets too dangerous for mortals or Daedra to understand. Now hidden, yet turbulent powers threaten the apocryphal realm of Hermaeus Mora and if the Daedric Prince’s secret is discovered, it could threaten all of reality.

New Class: Arcanist

Become empowered by the secrets of the Apocrypha and the forbidden knowledge of Hermaeus Mora. The Arcanist is a powerful new class capable of destructive, restorative, or defensive magic by channeling ancient, dark runes and lost tomes of power.

New companions have arrived

Two new allies on a quest for grand quests and glory! Unlock companions from the Red Guard and Argonian Guardians armed with arcane powers to fight alongside you and keep you company as you travel across Tamriel.

TESO is still available in free-to-playbut you can afford editing The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind from €32.77 on

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