The elections of three deputies canceled by the Constitutional Council

Due to irregularities in very tight ballots, a new ballot in the three constituencies must be organized within three months.


The Constitutional Council rejected the requests which concerned eleven other deputies. (Illustrative photo).

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Lhe Constitutional Council on Friday invalidated the elections in June 2022 of three deputies, Thomas Mesnier (Horizons), Anne-Sophie Frigout (RN) and Bertrand Petit (PS) due to irregularities in very tight ballots. The body in charge of electoral disputes, on the other hand, rejected 11 other appeals concerning these legislative elections and it still has to rule on 24 others, according to information published on the website of the Constitutional Council.

In the first constituency of Charente, Thomas Mesnier won with a 24-vote lead in the second round over René Pilato (LFI/Nupes), but the Constitutional Council finds that 27 votes were irregularly cast (signing problems on the lists notably), which led him to invalidate this election. “I welcome this decision serene, committed and determined. I am already a candidate for the upcoming election. High hearts, ”reacted Thomas Mesnier on Twitter.

The “sincerity” of the ballot questioned

In the 2e Marne constituency where Anne-Sophie Frigout (RN) was elected, Renaissance candidate Laure Miller had been eliminated in the first round due to an “administrative error” (965 of her ballots canceled because they included a prohibited mention), but the Constitutional Council considered that due to the small difference between the first three “the failure to take into account the irregular ballots had the effect of modifying the identity of the candidates qualified for the second round, thus altering the sincerity of the ballot “. In a press release, Anne-Sophie Frigout “accepts this decision”, while emphasizing that it “is not called into question”, and promises “to continue to lead this fight to defend those who suffer from the disastrous policy of Emanuel Macron”.

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In the 8e constituency of Pas-de-Calais finally, the deputy Bertrand Petit, who sits in the PS group, sees his election invalidated because of the choice of his substitute René Hocq, who was ineligible because he was already replacing a senator. For these three constituencies, a new election must be organized within three months.

The Constitutional Council, on the other hand, rejected the requests concerning eleven other deputies: Jean Terlier (3e Tarn), Gisele Lelouis (3e Bouches-du-Rhône), Eric Girardin (3e Marne), Jérémie Patrier-Leitus (3e Calvados), Elise Leboucher (4e Sarthe), Maxime Minot (7e Oise), Paul Midy (5e Essonne), Corinne Vignon (3e Haute-Garonne), Maxime Laisney (10e Seine-et-Marne), Jérôme Buisson (4e Ain) and Jose Gonzalez (10e Bouches-du-Rhone). He will still have to decide on 24 other requests concerning these elections, in particular concerning ministers Clément Beaune (7e Paris), Roland Lescure (1D French from abroad), Jean-Noël Barrot (2e Yvelines), former Minister Brigitte Klinkert (1D Haut-Rhin) but also the deputy LFI Danielle Simonnet or the deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas. The appeal of the former Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer in the 4e Loiret constituency is also on its menu.

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